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TFS4JIRA - Synchronization and Migration

Jira Cloud and Jira Server

Atlassian Verified


Synchronize and Integrate two powerful solutions: Microsoft TFS / Visual Studio Team Services and Atlassian JIRA.
Link relevant tasks and projects based on your context.

Target group

  • JIRA / TFS admin (Server / Cloud)

Use case scenarios

TFS4JIRA is commonly/usually used in the following scenarios:

  1. Continuous sync
    Continuous synchronization between Jira and TFS / VisualStudio Team Services in the case that both systems/platforms are used in the same company or project.

  2. Product Migration
    Migration from Jira to TFS / Visual Studio Team Services or from TFS / Visual Studio Team Services to Jira - based on the decision of switching from one ALM solution to another (in most cases, the migration process takes time, so users need both systems be working synchronously).

  3. Cross Company Collaboration
    Cooperation with another company that uses a different ALM solution (e.g. commissioning company needs integration with a supplier while one is using Jira and another is using TFS/VSTS).

  4. Cross Department Collaboration
    Cooperation between 2 departments within one company, each department uses different ALM (e.g. product management uses Jira, and testers use TFS)

  5. TFS and Jira are used at the same time, but for different purposes
    TFS is used as a code repository in CI (Continuous Integration), and Jira is used for issue tracking in the company.

  6. Two companies merged
    Two companies merged, and they are using different solutions. They need a solution to enable the cooperation between two till the management makes a decision on their ALM solution choice.

Reasons to use TFS4JIRA

  1. Out of the box solution

  2. Very responsive support - 24h SLA  (about 10 hrs avg. time to response)

  3. Frequent releases

  4. Social proof - very good reviews (4 stars)

  5. Clear pricing

  6. Public roadmap




Team size

Monthly price

Average price/user

Team size




n/a (flat fee)














































Contact us for the one-time migration special offer.

Atlassian Marketplace stats (status on 29.05.2018)

  • 1516 active installs

  • 4/4 stars

  • 109 reviews

  • 7 years on the market

  • Frequent release

Quotes from TFS4JIRA users

  • “Excellent product
    The product is excellent and support is even better. Pawel was very helpful in explaining some of the configuration nuances in order to get our sync working again after a recent TFS authentication update. Cheers!”

  • “Recommended
    The TFS4JIRA plugin is pretty straightforward and easy to use. We had some issues getting the originating TFS reporter synced with Jira, but Spartez support did a great job in helping us out.”

  • “Plugin is really well made, but what is best is top notch support for it. Very fast reply on support cases, even video call is possible to solve things fast. We are using it for more than 2 yrs, never had an issue. Once they have made custom TFS4JIRA Synchronizer app for us to fix issue fast. Also, they have implemented features that we have required. I can really recommend.”

Read more at Atlassian Marketplace.

Who is using TFS4JIRA

  • NBC Universal

  • Dell

  • OpenText

  • Bank of America

  • Whole Foods

  • Virgin Atlantic

  • And over 800 others

Common Customers’ pain points

  1. A need in migrating from Microsoft VSTS / TFS to Jira or vice versa.
    Migrations are perceived as hard and painful -

    1. with TFS4JIRA, it can be done quite easily - it’s on the market since 2011. We have rich experience in handling the synchronization or migration between TFS and Jira

  2. To use both Jira and VSTS/TFS - Due to the differences between the fields in TFS and Jira (status, priority, etc), it’s not easy to synchronize them.

    1. TFS4JIRA guides you to make it work (step by step configuration).

Objection handling

  1. Too expensive

    1. You buy not just the tool, but also the support and know how (TFS4JIRA is frequently updated based on common customer cases)

    2. Custom build solutions - sometimes there is the misconception that in-house developed solutions are cheaper. But let’s face it, it takes months to develop one. It costs a lot of hours and most developers working normally on something much different lacks years of experience with real cases, and there are many things that can go wrong.

    3. OpsHub - 10 times more expensive than TFS4JIRA.

  2. Jira has a built-in solution to import data

    1. That’s true - but it’s basic, TFS4JIRA is easier to use,

    2. Only for migration, not synchronization (which very rarely happens, in almost every real case, we have 'transition period' when we need both systems to work before the final switch)

  3. Self-hosted

    1. You have full control over data, there is no need to sign an NDA.

  4. Configuration on Jira and TFS side is required (f.e. Custom fields and workflow management - why is it not doing this by itself?)

    1. TFS4JIRA requires a minimum set of permissions for security reasons (no admin rights needed).

Discovery questions

  1. Is your company going to migrate from Microsoft Team Foundation (TFS) Server or Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to Atlassian Jira?

  2. Is your company using both Microsoft Team Foundation (TFS) Server or Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Atlassian Jira?

  3. Is your company working with contractors that use Microsoft Team Foundation (TFS) Server
    or Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) while your company is using Atlassian Jira?
    Is there a need for synchronization Jira issues and TFS workitems?


Custom solutions

  • Takes much time to develop

  • Requires knowledge about both tools (Jira and TFS/VSTS) and differences between them

  • In many cases, it is more pricey than a TFS4JIRA license at the end.

Apps on Atlassian Marketplace

(Complex migration and synchronization)


Git Integration for Jira (Only Git and Check-Ins integrations)



3/4 stars




Just 6


Active Installations







Atlassian Verified




OpsHub Integration Manager

  • Unclear pricing (from their replies to the inquiry, it’s 10 times more expensive than TFS4JIRA)

  • Require consultancy (not out of the box tool)


Marketing materials product page

Product Demo

How to create a profile tutorial

Atlassian Marketplace

Why Spartez

Spartez (Atlassian Verified) is one of the very first vendors on Atlassian Marketplace.  

We're a company focused on the Atlassian ecosystem™ and agile methodology.

We live and breathe Atlassian every day.
Since day one in 2007, Atlassian has been our biggest and strategic customer and a friend at the same time.

On a daily basis, Spartez developers are involved in all areas of development (vision, design, implementation, testing, maintenance) of several Atlassian products, such as Jira®, Bamboo®, Fisheye®, Crucible®, or Clover®.

Spartez is Atlassian Gold Partner.

Atlassian Partners portal

Premium support channel for Atlassian Partners

Write to us and we could help you in the presale processes including demoing to your clients.
Our support team also provide quick assistance in TFS4JIRA configuration and technical problems you encountered with during the set up.

Premium Support Channel is avaible here -

Company & Contact Information

Have an opportunity?

Have an issue?

For marketing and sales opportunities (brown bags, webinars, AUG meetings, blogging, video content), please contact:

Jacek Wizmur - Szymczak

The best contact time
is 9:00 - 17:00 (Warsaw time).

For any support issues and demo requests, please contact:

Paweł Mazur

The best contact time
is 9:00 - 17:00 (Warsaw time).

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