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As announced by Atlassian, Basic authentication method with password will be deprecated in Jira Cloud by 1st of December 2018 (more on that here: Deprecation means that while it will be still available, it can be totally removed from Jira Cloud at any time with very short notice. It will be replaced with API Token authentication, which is officially supported by TFS4JIRA from 7.6 VERSION.

In order to use API Token authentication, please:

1) Go to

2) Create API Token and copy it to clipboard

3) Paste token to 'API Token' field in Jira Connection form in Synchronizer

API Token works with Email Address

Please note: API Token authentication uses email address to authenticate users.

If you are going to switch to API Token authentication and already have Jira Connection setup with 'username', please change it to your email address.

If you upgrade Synchronizer from < 7.6 version

If you upgrade from older versions of TFS4JIRA, in Jira Cloud connection settings replace your username/password to email address/API Token.
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