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This part of the documentation relates to Agile Poker - estimation tool for Jira Cloud. If you use Jira Server go to the Agile Poker - estimation tool for Jira Server documentation.

We do our bests to provide sensible defaults for Agile Poker configuration but sometimes the defaults may be not enough for you.  If this is the case click on the Configure link as shown on the screenshot below:

Session settings

On the Session settings screen you can find settings specific for the current Jira Agile board. Changes made here does not affect how Agile Poker works on other Jira Agile boards.

On this screen you can define possible votes for Agile Poker sessions. You can easily add, remove and reorder possible values using the simple user interface shown below:

T-shirt size estimating

In Jira Agile you can't store an alpha character in the Story Point field. If you use T-shirt sizes for estimation you need to map them to numerical values. To establish the mapping use '=' character to separate the label (visible to the participants) from the numerical value (stored into Jira):

If you want to give full control over poker session to only one user you can choose a session scrum master. Check out this documentation page for details.

For kanban boards you can also define the estimation field. See this documentation page for details:

Global settings

Changes made on the Global settings screen affect how Agile Poker works on all Jira Agile boards for all Jira users.

Google analytics

To understand our clients better we collect anonymous usage statistics of Agile Poker for Jira. These statistics tell us how we should improve the product to fit our clients' needs. For more details about what we collect please visit this documentation page. If you don't want to send usage statistics for your Jira instance toggle the Google analytics checkbox as shown on the image below:

Error reporting

We do our bests to avoid bugs in our software but still some errors may occur. We want to know about any problems as soon as possible so we collect automatic error reports in Agile Poker for Jira Cloud. For more details about this functionality see this documentation page. If you want to disable automatic error reporting for your Jira instance simply toggle the Error reporting checkbox as presented on the following image:

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