Agile Poker Server

This part of the documentation relates to Agile Poker - estimation tool for Jira Server. If you use Jira Cloud go to the Agile Poker - estimation tool for Jira Cloud documentation.

The following Agile Poker settings can be configured in the Jira Software board configuration. These settings are shared between all sessions on the board:

  • Estimation Statistic - Either select one of the existing fields or create a new custom field, if your custom field is not on the list of available options for estimation field please ensure that:
    • it's a numerical field - fields of other types are not supported,
    • it's on the view issue screen for all issues on your board.
  • Estimate values - list of estimate values available for session participants. You can modify available values and their order.
  • Auto show estimates - if checked then estimates will be revealed automatically after the last participant chooses estimate (applies only to interactive sessions).

To modify these options:

  1. Open the "Board" dropdown on Jira Software and click the "Configure" link as shown on the image below:
  2. On the board configuration screen go to the "Estimation" tab. Agile Poker settings will be shown on the bottom of this page:

T-shirt size estimating

In Jira Agile you can't store an alpha character in the Story Point field. If you use T-shirt sizes for estimation you need to map them to numerical values. To establish the mapping use '=' character to separate the label (visible to the participants) from the numerical value (stored into Jira):

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