Agile Poker Enterprise for JIRA supports both co-located and distributed teams with two different estimation methods.

It is inspired by Planning Poker® and Wideband Delphi. Each of these methods helps you to avoid the Dunning-Kruger effect, a cognitive bias resulting in inaccurate or plain wrong estimations.

Interactive sessions (inspired by Planning Poker®) are optimized for Scrum teams working in the same time zone:

  • their very lightweight nature facilitates estimating directly from JIRA Software board,
  • they focus all users on one issue at the time,
  • given estimates are synchronized real time.

Asynchronous sessions (inspired by Wideband Delphi and currently available only for JIRA Server) are optimized for teams spread across time zones:

  • while starting a session you can choose participants and issues to estimate,
  • participants get invitations via e-mail and estimate whenever they find it convenient,
  • when estimation is finished everybody can review the results.

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