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Quick Guide

Open the issue context and look at the comment panel to see how Canned Responses work.

Use existing canned response

  1. Click 'Comment' or type 'm' to go directly to the Comment field to see the Canned Responses panel.
  2. Click the drop-down menu to see the list of all canned reponses available or type '$hi' to see an example Hi reporter template.

  3. Select the template from the drop-down menu or type 'Enter' to select the template.

Create new canned response

  1. Click the '+' button to add new canned response.

  2. Fill the template name in and edit content. Type "$' in the Response content field to see macros available. Add letters after the $ symbol to find a specific macro.  

  3. Save your new canned response. It is instantly available from the drop-down menu.
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