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You can change Canned Responses global settings by going to Add-ons administration and then Canned Responses > Responses Configuration.

Google Analytics

To understand our users' needs better, we collect anonymous statistics of the plugin use. Statistics include:

  • Viewing of management pages
  • Navigating between scopes
  • Number of templates for each scope
  • Adding/editing/removing templates
  • Inserting templates

These statistics tell us how we should develop our plugin to make our users happy, esp. which features are used commonly and which we may think of removing.

We collect the version of Jira that our plugin is installed on - we decide which versions we no longer need to support basing on this data.

You can disable this feature if there is any reason you don't want to send your statistics. 

Access to shared responses

You can manage use groups and roles entitled to use the plugin. Entitled user can see and use project and global templates. It's enough for user to be in one user group or have one of the given roles in project context to use shared Canned Responses

Note that it does not restrict templates management. Managing uses standard Jira global and project administrative permissions. See visibility scopes description to find out more.

 EntitledNot entitled

(tick) - Can view

(error) - Can't view

Access to plugin

By default all Jira users can use personal Canned Responses. By unchecking this option you can disable the plugin completely for users beyond groups and roles selected in the section access to shared responses.

Example personal templates

Choose whether you want generate example Canned Responses for new users. If enabled, any user that opens templates list for the first time then will have 2 example templates generated. Once generated, templates can be modified or removed and they won't appear again.

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