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This feature is available in Chat for Service Desk version 1.4.0 or newer.


Chat for Service Desk can be integrated with Service Desk's knowledge base. When this option is enabled, an additional search box shows up in the chat widget:

Typing into this box and pressing the button (or just pressing ENTER key) searches the knowledge base for matching articles and shows the result as a list:

Knowledge Base Setup

Set Up a Link To Confluence Space

To set up knowledge base integration, first you have to set up link to Confluence for the project, as described in the Service Desk documentation.

This should result in a set up similar to the one shown in the screenshot below:

Set Up Chat's Knowledge Base Option

After setting up the link to Confluence space, you can set up options for showing the knowledge base search in the chat widget:

You can set one of three options:

  • do not show the search box (default)
  • only show the search box when no live agent is online
  • always show the search box

You should set up this option according to your project's needs. 

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