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In addition to the automatic responses integrated with IBM Watson (described here) it is also possible to configure automated responses using Service Desk IF-THEN automation - see this page for details.


Chat for Service Desk is able to integrate with IBM Watson Assistant to automatically handle conversations with a customer. This feature is useful in many situations, for example:

  • handling the customer conversations when you are contacted after your office hours, when there is no human agent available
  • handling greetings and introductions
  • serving self-help material, such as pointers to knowledge base articles relevant for the customer's problem

When you enable the Assistant for the Service Desk portal, it will handle conversations until the human agent responds to the customer. After that, the Assistant no longer follows the conversation and it must be handled by humans from then on.

Additionally, you can configure the Assistant to only respond:

  • to requests that are not yet assigned to any human agents
  • when no human agent is online in your organization - in this case, the customer will see the "robot" icon in the chat widget instead of the usual "envelope":


In order for Chat for Service desk to be able to integrate with IBM Watson Assistant, your Jira must be able to make direct outgoing network calls to the Assistant's API web service URL, namely to 

You may need to configure your network firewall rules to allow this.


Configuring the Assistant requires:

To find the workspace ID, go to the bluemix console page and click the Launch tool button:

This will open the IBM Watson Assistant tool page, where you can see your workspaces:

To see the workspace ID, select the View Details menu item for the workspace:

Training the Assistant

In order to be useful, the IBM Watson Assistant must be trained to respond to the customer appropriately for the Service Desk portal, where you want to use it. This training is crucial for the proper operation of the assistant.

To learn how to train the Assistant, go to its getting started page.

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