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Agile Retros has been discontinued and this documentation page has been archived. If you have any questions contact us at


In the first step the team should recall events from the sprint. Everything that happened during the sprint and was relevant for the team, either positive or negative, should be typed down in the cards.

To add a card you can click on the screen.

We favour having the events in chronological order, it helps everyone to remember what happened when reading through the stream of cards. The right tip of the card sequence represents the current day and the left tip the beginning of the sprint.

This step should be limited to 10 minutes.

When the time runs out, you can click `Next` and everyone will be moved to the next step.

Preparing for retrospective

Team members can create retrospective cards during the sprint directly in Jira Software Board. To do that open Agile Retros → Add retrospective card. You can also use shortcut 'r'.

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