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Agile Retros has been discontinued and this documentation page has been archived. If you have any questions contact us at


An Agile Retros session should take approximately three hours for monthly sprints, and one hour for weekly sprints. This is the time that the team needs to discuss and decide what to focus on. There is an temptation to schedule meetings shorter than the recommended, but listening and reaching team-wide understanding takes time.

This method works the best for small teams. If you have large teams, consider splitting the team and having two retrospective sessions instead of a single one.

We recommend during an Agile Retros session for the team to be connected using their daily communication channels. Discussions are a very healthy part of every Agile Retros session.

We also recommend having a team member responsible for keeping track of the time, it avoids stress and long meetings that nobody wants to be on again.

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