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We should celebrate team successes, and we must find things that the team is not fully happy about. In Agile Retros we call them pluses and deltas. In this step all the cards that were created in the Sprint Timeline will be categorised between both.

Before start, make sure every team member is familiar with the definition of pluses and the definition of deltas:


Things the team did just right–in the right time, with the right frequency, using the right amount of resources and with a positive result. Also anything external that increases team involvement and fun.


Anything that had negative impact for the team or things that had positive impact but still are worth improving–have been done too late, too often, too rarely, are worth spreading in the whole company.

If a card is not self-explanatory, the author should explain it shortly. Then every team member shares an opinion whether it's a plus or delta using the "my opinion" section. If all the team members agree that the card is a plus it will be moved to the "+" column. Otherwise, even if only one person thinks it’s a delta, it will be moved to the "∆" column.

In this step the only requirement is to decide for each card whether it is a plus or a delta. It is fine to discuss what the card means but the team should avoid going off-topic, Agile teams don't care about issues that are not measured yet.

After agreeing on which cards are pluses and which cards are deltas, the "Next" button can be clicked, and again, everybody in the session will be moved to the next step.

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