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Agile Retros has been discontinued and this documentation page has been archived. If you have any questions contact us at


We take data security very seriously so we use only trusted service providers with the highest security standards. On this page you will find details on how we secure our clients' data. If you think something is missing or you have any security related questions please let us know at Spartez Support Portal or

Services providers

  • Heroku - application hosting.
  • Heroku Postgres - application database.
  • Firebase - real time shared database used to synchronize users retrospective sessions.

Data stored on Heroku Postgres database

Data stored on Firebase database

  • Board ids to associate a retrospective session data.
  • User keys of users who create retrospective cards.
  • Issue keys linked from an action card.
  • Content of a retrospective session cards.
  • Metadata of a retrospective card.
  • Metadata of an action card.
  • Metadata of a retrospective session.

We store the minimal amount of data needed to provide our service.

We do not store issue summaries, descriptions, comments nor other sensitive information.

Data security


Application database is secured using security mechanism provided by Heroku. See for details.


Firebase database is secured using Firebase security rules. Each user in your Jira instance has access to all data listed in section Data Stored for all your retrospective sessions. Anonymous users and users from different Jira instances do not have access to your data.

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