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Agile Retros has been discontinued and this documentation page has been archived. If you have any questions contact us at


The goal of Agile Retros add-on is to gradually improve the way distributed agile teams work by running effective retrospective sessions. This is achieved by selecting, on every iteration, three action items that the team can control and focus on.

Teams that use Agile Retros values the most specific and measurable improvements in very particular areas. Agile teams do not value attempts to improve every issue with very little to none positive outcome. Moreover these teams value improving things that they can influence, instead of attempting to fix overwhelming world-wide problems or organisation-wide issues.


Step 0: Review action items from previous Agile Retros sessions;

Step 1: Write cards in chronological order, with every event relevant for the team or individual;

Step 2: Categorise the cards between pluses and deltas:

Pluses: Things that the team, an individual, or external did or happened just right;
Deltas: Things that had negative impact for the team or that had positive impact but still are worth improving;

Step 3: Define for each card the impact and ability of the team to act:

Impact: What impact can the card have on our team;
Ability: Whether the card is something we can do, have the time, or influence;

Step 4: State clear action items for the three most impactful and actionable cards by creating specific and measurable improvement plan (what, how, who, when).

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