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Agile Cards is built with safety and security in mind. Here are a few facts which will help you understand its architecture and that using Agile Cards should no impact on your security whatsoever.

No impact on data and configuration

Agile Cards make no changes to the data and to the underlying configuration of your VisualStudio Team Services or TFS. Agile Cards connect to the officially exposed APIs and plugin points available within Team Services and TFS, but operate in read-only mode. 


Agile Cards come with in-built analytics. The data collected by Agile Cards is anonymous and pertains only to the statistical usage of the extension. It helps the team at Spartez optimise the solution and implement even better future versions. 

If you do not wish to have the anonymous usage data collected from your instance, you can disable the analytics altogether by unselecting the following check-box. That being said we strongly recommend you to keep the setting enabled:

Data read and stored by Agile Cards

Agile Cards stores only the data related to the templates configured for its usage. This data contains all the elements of the Agile Cards configuration:

  • names of the templates
  • templates' layouts
  • page layouts
  • colours of printed bars
  • and other settings configurable through the Agile Cards interface

All the data pertaining to the content of the actual work items are read by JavaScript code launched within your browser window. None of the elements of this data is saved nor processed outside of your browser windows and VisualStudio Team Services Server. That means that the team at Spartez has no physical means of seeing and accessing your data (even if you asked us to during the support call). This pertains to both the backlog, boards, work items as well as to the source code stored within the VisualStudio Team Services.

Where is the data stored?

All the configuration data of Agile Cards is stored on VisualStudio Team Services (in case of cloud deployment) or TFS servers (in case of on-premises deployment) and never leaves them. Also, the code of Agile Cards is downloaded from VisualStudio Marketplace directly to VisualStudio Team Foundation servers and is never served from any third party servers. This means that all the fundamental safety mechanisms applied by Microsoft to your VisualStudio code and data are also applied to Agile Cards code and data.

How does the scanner process the photo?

Agile Cards scanner is written in JavaScript. This means that the photo is processed entirely within the browser, and no part of the photo is sent outside of the device you have used to access the Agile Cards. In particular no part of the photo is processed on your VSTS server and no data about the content of the photo is sent over to Spartez server.

Who can access Agile Cards

Access to Agile Cards UI is given on per user basis. Purchasing a license of Agile Cards entitles you to distribute the license seats between your regular users, power users and stakeholders.

All of these informations are part of our End-User License Agreement which you can see on the VisualStudio Marketplace Listing:

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