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Please mind that in order for Agile Cards scanner to recognise your cards you must print them with a template with KR codes embedded. Please consult this section of the documentation to find about KR codes and template editing: Card layout

In some cases updating the board using desktop computer is a preferred and a better way of synchronising the digital and physical boards. Here is how to do it.

In order to access the board scanner, first you need to navigate to the very board which you want to synchronise. When there, please click on the camera icon. This process is similar to the first steps you have performed while setting up the physical board.

After you've clicked on the camera icon you will be presented with a dialog. Make sure to select the tab called "Upload photo". The screen shall contain one button for uploading the board's photo. The dialog is also equipped with a board's QR code should you decide to perform the scan using a mobile device. Press the button labeled "Select photo" and select the photo file from your computer's folders.

You need to have the photo prepared prior to the actual scan. It is best to use the digital camera with sharp lenses with low distortion. While making the photo please follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Place yourself right in front of the photographed board. The less the perspective skew the easier it will be for scanner to operate.
  • Make sure the board is lit evenly.
  • Arrange the cards and splitters in such a way that the KR codes are not obscured in any way and are completely visible.
  • Get as close to the board as possible, so that as much as camera's sensor resolution is used.

As soon as the photo is provided the scanner will start processing the board. Wait until the scanner finishes.

When ready it will show the summary screen with card's identifiers on top of your scanned photo as well as details provided further down the page. The identifiers shown in green, such as #10 indicate cards, which have not been moved on the physical board and thus do not require status update. The identifiers shown in yellow, such as #14 indicate cards, which have moved to a new position on the physical board since the last synchronisation. You may also see errors in red in case the scanner has problems identifying the cards.

When ready, press the "Update board" button and the cards will be moved in your instance of VisualStudio Team Services / TFS automatically based on their positions identified by the Agile Cards scanner.


It may be more efficient to update your digital board using a mobile device. Read here how to do it: scanning the board using a mobile device.

If you have any comments or feedback related to our product please do not hesitate to contact us at Spartez Support Portal or

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