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General settings allow you to define the basics of your template.

Template name

Each of the templates need to be named. The template name cannot be empty, aside from that you are free to use whatever name you want. The template name is the only required information which you have to provide while defining a new template.

Card border width

Individual cards may look nicer if you add additional border to them. The border is going to be printed in black color and will be of a defined line width. Putting "0" in this field makes the borders disappear.

Cutting markers

It may be easier to cut the individual cards if you print them with cutting markers. The markers are printed in light gray color at the cards' intersections. 

Color bars and bar colors

Color bars hold additional information and do not take a lot of cards' space. Currently, color bars can be used to tell apart work items of different types. You can print them in vertical or horizontal. Each work item type can have its own color defined easily. The default color scheme mimics the one which comes with VisualStudio Team Services, but you can define completely different color scheme for any template that you define.


Have you configured all the aspects of your cards' look and feel? Great! It means you are ready to print them!

Not sure? See what else you can configure.

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