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Agile Cards for Jira

Print issues, use a physical board, and sync with Jira.

Agile Cards for Salesforce

Print your data as customizable cards. Create multi-use printouts of Salesforce entities

Agile Poker Enterprise for Jira

Estimate issues as a team, with live board updates.

Asset Tracker for Jira

Manage your assets in Jira and Service Desk.

Agile Retros for Jira

On each retrospective choose three things to improve and build a high-performance team.

Agile Cards for VSTS / TFS

Print work items for backlog, board, and queries, and use them on a physical board.


Synchronize Jira and Microsoft TFS® check-ins, issues and work items.

Canned Responses Pro for Jira

Save, share, and reuse comments in Jira and Service Desk.

Image Annotator for Jira

Add changes and highlights to Jira image attachments.